Hackbattle's back

"The competent cyber warrior learns from their mistakes. The cyber master learns from mistakes of others."

The Delivery Network

This was our battle in 2010, it had a small Active Directory network. The scenario was more of a Pentest.

Mateso Lab

The scenario was also meant for Blackbox pen-testing in 2011. This had more than 20 participants.

Team Vs Team

In 2012, we had team verses Team, with a scenario which expanded to social media. This was the first Battle to have more than 100 particapants.

The Nasty Lab

In 2013 we did the last battle, that was the highlight of the finale. 

HackBattle is back

Since 2010, we started battling online, and we build the Hackbattle then and with last one 2013, codenamed The Nasty lab we closed that venture. In 2020 just after the COVID19 pandemic started, we decided to bring the battle back, since it helped a lot of beginners then, and we hope it will bring more possibilities and open doors for the new blood, soon to be Pentesters, Redteamers, Defenders and Operators