Our first CNO Training in Africa 

. Just as COVID hit last year, OnNet team did a probono class to introduce stakeholders on initial writing of tools for Computer Network Exploitation and Red teaming for the banking/Financial sector. This evolved to the first Class by Kenyan Military early 2021 which was extended to other classes across the region. For the African Governments and agencies and as the world consumes into the information age, educating then to building teams requires that specialty for essential proficiency-increase to respond to threats and collect intelligence online, surreptitiously from targeted networks with effective timely analysis. This class proved essential for the students who needed this technical accomplishment and leadership in Computer Network Operations. They started to learn that adversaries are developing capabilities which they needed to understand and build either to counter or build internally for their own offensive missions around the globe. They had to understand adversaries are not limiting themselves, they have a goal, they have orders with stipulated requirements and objectives and a laid out mission. And these adversaries will require stopping and persistent engagement throughout in order delay or stop their goals.
Understanding the intent of the adversaries and visualizing them inside the operational environment, can build faster responses to sense, understand and decide to act and assess rapidly than the adversary would thus speed during the hunting and during strikes. This marks whoever is able to act expeditiously wins the battle and the war. Speed is everything in this realm.
The students are then introduced into the aspects of building Course of Action (COA) which starts by finding and developing the operational Assessments from adversaries Center of Gravity (CoG) to initiation of the first CONOPS (Concept of Operations) for war gaming. This tests the team planning capability, the type and speed on Offensive Cyber operation (OCO) during mission analysis, Adversaries capabilities by WFF (War Fighting Function), Scheme of Maneuver development, followed by COA Analysis and Mission Assessments just before deployment. The class is further drawn to, real life platform on the Information Warfare Range and Cyber Ranges which they run real-like operations and develop COAs.
By the end of the training, students can operate on Cyber Domain and Information Environment, develop solid COA statements, put together Mission Infrastructure and code/dev new tools for exploitation and collection thus strong added aptness in SIGINT functions.

Posted by Training Team at OnNet on 10th October 2021