OnNet Group Blog and Reports 

How we tracked Forkbombo Group

Forkbombo group, a son of the Cartel that was stopped by Multi-Agency taskforce at Kenya Revenue Authority, was tracked by OnNet from 2018 after they Penetrated one of the GoK Banks and stole several millions that was meant for a local industry upcountry. 

We are bringing the Hackbattle back

Since 2010, we started battling online, and i build the Hackbattle as a personal project back then, for the community. The last scenario was released on 2013, codenamed The Nasty lab i then closed that venture after i joined back to serve at Cyber Command in MOICT and i thought someone would take it ove

Our first CNO Training in Africa 

Just as COVID hit last year, OnNet team did a probono class to introduce stakeholders on initial writing of tools for Computer Network Exploitation and Red teaming for the banking/Financial sector. This evolved to the first Class by Kenyan Military early 2021 which was extended to other classes across the region. 

The CBC Cyber Range

OnNet and Cyber ranges developed a storyline that has a unique set of infrastructures that showcase how a terror network develops capability online, to plan and fund operations before executing a terror action. This exercise takes you deep into development of Course of Action and other CNO documentations before actions on.