We are bringing the Hackbattle back

Since 2010, we started battling online, and i build the Hackbattle as a personal project back then, for the community. The last scenario was released on 2013, codenamed The Nasty lab i then closed that venture after i joined back to serve at Cyber Command in MOICT and i thought someone would take it over. 

The battles started on 2010 to 2013 and later on around 2020 just after the COVID19 pandemic started, I had a discussion with members of KCSFA and we decided to bring the hackbattle back, since it helped a lot of beginners then, and we hoped it will bring more possibilities and open doors for the new blood; the soon to be Pentesters, Redteamers, Defenders and Operators.

Looking back, it was a major adventure and Information Operations age was just shaping up, and so the new hackbattles are going to be based on what we observed or worked on, either in Counter Terrorism operations, Adversary Pursuit and others OPs.

I am hoping we will all enjoy the upcoming events.

Posted by the Chuksjonia, CEO OnNet Group on 4th October 2021